Soaking up the sun on revs balcony
Lunch time…. Oops?
Love having friends with the same size foot as me, my new babies as hand-me-downs from my gal! She rocks :3
harry styles is the little mermaid; a masterpost


yesterday night around 1am I decided to watch the little mermaid and by 3am I came to the (un)shocking revelation that harry styles is in fact princess ariel.


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Colossal popcorn!! Spider man 2 sesh with the gal
Caravan ruined my vibe man.
Just wanted to take a second to celebrate my best friend. Through thick and thin does not cover it, this girl has been in my life through some of the hardest situations either of us will ever face and I am so thankful she is in my life. We have also had some amazing times and these photos sum up some of those great times, she’s beautiful, strong and wonderful :) #fit